Android, how to install the package.

How to install the Android package

Applications created for Android which are not distributed through the Google Play store come in form of "Application Package" a file with a .apk extension.

Fundamentally, you can think at it like ZIP archive file with install instructions in it, you click on it and the system does all the magic.

Quick setup steps

( continue to read forward for more details )

  1. Load the .APK file into your device ( you may need a File Manager Appl )
  2. Enter the "Settings" of your device
  3. Select the "Security" option
  4. Find the "Unknown sources" option
  5. Activate the "Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store" option
  6. Locate the package again and tap on it, the device should ask if you want to install it
  7. If the device warns you this package wants network access this is to access the online scores boards
  8. When you finished install you can deactivate the "Allow installation of apps from ..."

Where is the problem then ?

There are two small problems, the first one is that you have to someway load the package inside your device ( typically make it go into your "Download" folder or so ), some web browser maybe can allow you do do it by clicking on it otherwise you may need some sort of File Manager application to do that.

The second problem is that you need to enable install from Untrusted/Unknown Sources

Why is untrusted/unknown and what it means ?

When a package is created it is normally signed with a cryptographic key this process normally happens when the package is published via the Google Play store, it uses a trusted key from Google that guarantees you that no one else but Google could have signed that package.

This tells you "Google guarantees for me I am getting something safe" ( because you passed through all the approvation process of the Google Store ) however the problem is by NOT using the Google Store the developer cannot have this option.

As anyone can generate a cryptographic key by its own BUT without let's say the "Master Key" from Google there is no way one can tell "This comes from Google or is verified by Google" in fact it is NOT. However the key generated by Llamasoft for example is unique as well, no one else can generate a similar key.

So Untrusted simply means "Google cannot guarantee for what you are about to install" you have to trust by you own that the package we give you is safe."Unknown" is a synonimous of untrusted.

Allow install from unknown sources

"Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store"

So to allow this package to be installed you need to enable the option to install from unknown/untrusted sources this is normally accomplished in this way :

  • Enter the "Settings" of your device
  • Select the "Security" option
  • Find the "Unknown sources" option
  • Activate the "Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store" option

Please refer to specific instructions about your particular device on how to do that, the menu option settings and location may vary from device to device.

After you finished installing the pacakge you may want to switch the security back to DO NOT ALLOW ...

Will it work then ?


Android is a jungle of very different devices and flavours I can only say "We tried our best within our resources" we tested it on what we could and that of course is a tiny fraction of the jungle out there.

Please try it by yourself and see if it works for you with all our best wishes it should :) if your device meets the minimal requirements.

Minimal system requirements

  • API Level 8 ( Android 2.2 ) Froyo
  • Internet access ( android.permission.INTERNET ) for the online scores

As far as we know, nothing much more, of course the better the graphic chip the better.

Extra stuff supported

The following devices been tested working ONLY ON Android API LEVEL 12 upwards !

  • Wired XBOX 360 controller
  • iCade controller
  • 8bitty controller
  • Sony PS3 SixAxis controller ( via third party SW )
  • Nintendo Wiimote controller ( via third party SW )

Only ONE controller at the time can be used, other devices may work but we have not tested them. Sorry accelerometer device is NOT supported.

PLEASE NOTE : while wired XBOX, iCade and 8bitty will work straight on your device controllers like SixAxis or Wiimote may require "rooting" and/or other unorthodox methods to work.

File Transfer appls

A File Transfer is an application that as the name says allows you to transfer files from/to you PC and your Android device.

Some of them require your to use an upload USB cable but many today are capable to work with WiFi, there are many different kind of these appls, some are free some not.

Some Android devices may not require them at all, if you are not familiar with the process of uploading a file inside your Android device please search the internet about how to, there is plenty of information around.

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