We love the demo scene

We love the demo scene!

Probably quite some people never heard of it, what is demoscene in a few words ? Well probably we could say "Computer Art at its finest" .

Demoscene is creating a work of beauty using all the most sophisticated tricks to make a computer do things it would not normally do, exploit at the very maximum every single hardware capability to create something that goes "beyond".

Yak at Assembly 2003 in the arena

It is a bit the equivalent of going to a show where an extremely skilled magician pulls out some tricks that create real magic, that stun your mind and senses giving you the feeling that what you see is "impossible" and yet is just before your eyes.

Llamsoft has an extreme fondness for the demoscene in general, especially the one that still works on really old machines like the VIC20 or the Commodore 64 or the ZX ... and still even in times like now is capable every now and then to take out something that never stops to amaze.

We really hope and wish the demoscene will never stop, that there will be always some "mad people" ( in the good sense of the expression ) continuing with it.

In this page here I collected a few links and videos to some of our favorite demos, this is the kind of stuff we often watch at late nights during week ends before to go bed.

There would be not enough space in this whole website to thank and cite all the people into it so we will make it short saying "Guys, we really love you all, do not stop what you are doing, what you do is very imporant".

What we watch at night ...


I repeat this is only a VERY SMALL selection, there's no way to fit it all in one website alone!

One that Giles particulary likes is "We are new" by Fairlight it just makes Giles say every time "I wish I would have been at that party too!"

Another super classic C64 demo is "Edge of Disgrce" by Booze Design.

Going now a bit into the ZX Spectrum scene we can't miss Ate Bit "Bomb" demo.

Now about modern PC demos one of the favourite has to be "Rove" by Farbrausch

Returning to the Commodore 64 a demo that strikes some chord is "Coma Light 13" by Oxyron demo team, best credits ever :)

As I said it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to put in a small space like this all the stuff we got to know and love about the demoscene, there are so many wonderful people doing incredible stuff out there we can't really put them all here.

I, Giles have to say more than once watching all this I said "Wow .. I wish I could do something like this too" and I promised myself - I hope I'll be able to keep it - that before to die I should do at least a small demo.

I think I have to conclude this SMALL list with a demo that "has something I cannot fully explain", the original demo would be for Amiga but the one that is maybe even more impressive is the C64 porting og it. I have to put the famous "Desert Dream" by Kefrens and the same time I could tell them "I think your wish been granted ..."

If this would be a demo, here there should be an endless list of thanks to various people, but this is just a webpage about demoes ;) So I can just say "Thank you all! Never give up, never surrender !" May the demoscene live forever!

Beam me up Scotty!