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I am not ( fully ) on Holiday, just away some days.

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:21 am
by GilesGoat
Just to be clear "I am only partially away from job", I am still doing my best to follow things and continue to fix/stuff.

Mind you "officially" I have NOT been asked to do anything, but I am doing all this anyway "for when I'll be asked" and "because we need all this for Minotaur Arcade anway" and TRUST ME "I want to finish all this FAST".

But I am not in "the office" In Wales now I am out, with "partial means of work" ( and especially "partial hours" ) but I am still on things.

Anyway I am still in front of a PC doing code when I can.

It's really hot I am melting, I just have a fan.

But yeah it's unusal I am 'completely out of any work', I am always "with an eye on things".