Llamasoft loves pinballs !

We love to play pinball !

Both the simulated but especially the real one :)

What can we say about pinball that already not been said ? Probably nothing much, the point is that to play pinball is a lot of fun!

Of course we do love and respect the amazing job some people has done with simulated pinballs which are still lot of fun to play and have its own feeling and style but we have to remember also that there is no substitute for a real life pinball machine.

Jeff playing "El toro"

Pinball is .. physical .. mechanical .. it's the flippers, the buttons, the balls, the jet bumpers, the lights, the DMD animations, the sound effects ..

It is this famous "zone moment" when you and the machine are on the same wavelenght and the game just flows.

It's not just something on a screen made of electrons and bytes, it's a real steel ball running on a wood table. It's something you can shake and nudge and use physics to affect it.

Giles playing a whitewood of "Circe's animal house"

A real pinball is something you really have to experience it to understand all this, if you never done it yet, it's usually much harder to play than any simulation as there are so many unpredictable things can happen but that's the big challenge and the big reward you can get from it.

We do hope that more future people will be able to experience "the real thing" that pinball as we know it will continue to be loved for the tremendous fun value it has and the superbe quality of technical achievements that make pinballs an engineering work of art.

As that we'll continue to follow all the pinball community and we'll do our best, we can't miss that fun, to be playing pinball as much as we can at the various pinball meetings.

Wishing good luck and a renewed life for the pinball industry, we just continue to play and love pinballs.

Jeff's Star Trek pinball under maintenance, Indiana Jones on the back

For those interested in following a bit of pinball events and such we reccomend to keep an eye on Tilt the movie a pretty interesting documentary, Heighway Pinball a Welsh company that started to make new pinball machines, the UK Pinball party, the Internet Pinball Machines Database and of course always keep an eye around about what's going on.

If you know where there could be some working and still playable Pinball 2000 machine hopefully not too far from Wales let us know :)

Giles had the luck to see and play both Pinball 2000 machines but Yak hasn't seen one in the flesh yet.

Beam me up Scotty!