Llamasoft and retrocomputing

To preserve and use the history ...

Llamasoft has quite a certain interest in retrocomputing, in part because it's really part of the Llamasoft history having started with machines like the PET CBM, Vic 20 and Commodore 64 and in part because it's the love of preservation of HW we lived and worked togeter with.

The "retro room" all works and can be used.

We do also have a certain love for "obscure machines" and for us is very interesting to study the evolution of hardware and see how we arrived today at certain solutions and why it's been like that.

Also nostalgic maybe ? Well yes maybe quite a bit, but we lived togeter with those machines and all our computers passion grew up with them, it's true you can never forget your first love !

I think it's a totally wonderful feeling when you can take a machine 20 years or more old, switch it on and YEAH ! It still works ! Like you best faithful friend that never betrayed you.

Giles is particulary fond of restoring and putting back to life old computers and building new ones using a mix of old and new technology ( like putting last year CPLDs together with 30 years old CPUs ) :D

A Signetics 2650 based computer made by Giles

WHY ?! "It's love man but not as you know it."- Giles , that's all I can say you :) or if I want to be more classy I could say "I love the smell of melted solder in the morning ..."- Giles ;)

I believe it's important to have the possibility to keep alive and working something that means so much for you and that in a way you still don't know that well because in its time you did not have all the possibilities for this to happen.

How many computers you did use and have enough time to understand so deeply ? Even in 2013 there are still every now and then "surprising things" that can be learnt from old machines.

Some people could call this maybe computer archaelogy .. some others maybe "a waste of time" I believe that when there's heart in things there's still so much live and fun you can take out from them :)

Anyway if you are into that you know what I am talking about, if you'll ever meet me ( Giles ) somewhere and want to talk about old computers I am always in for that, oh and yes .. I can understand a bit of APL too ;)

Giles's Z80 system, runs CP/M

Giles's "minimalist" VGA card, displays 320x200 @256 colours

Beam me up Scotty!