What they say about us

The people following us

So I did ask around "Tell me something about you;" ...

Putting all the people together that are with us since 30 years would be impossible, we don't even know who all of them are, they are too many.

From Australia and Japan to USA and beyond a bit everywhere there is someone following Llamasoft and its creations and new people are always adding up.

I did ask around - this thing is still going - tell me in a sentence and a picture why are you following us, what's coming out of this is far beyond what it could be put in any web page, I can only try ..

We can say there are two main reasons, the lightsynth work and the games

You may note there's a connection between Llamasoft and the psychedelic music especially Pink Floyd, why all this is well explained in the Llamasoft History Book.

Llamasoft has often incorporated elements of the artistic aspect of psychedelic art into its games the pinnacle of which is Space Giraffe

Now let's leave the people speak ..

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"For me, it was never about the games, it was about the lightsynths. From blowing most of my student food budget for a month on Trip-a-Tron & Merak :

Rik and Yak in 1988

Rik and Yak in 1988


Warp rave

Warp Rave Party

And .. "

LionHead Party

Lionhead party : Rik, Korruptor, Peter Molyneaux, Jedburgh, Jeff

"Neon wrote large across the Microsoft stand @E3. Still gives me goose bumps. Never give up, never surrender."

Neon at E3

Neon for Xbox360 triumphing at E3

"I'm still following Llamasoft because, since the early 80s, Jeff (and now the pair of you) has been producing games that were not only playable, but also different to what the rest of the industry were putting out. Llamasoft as the software equivalent of garage punk, if you like."

"I've been following Llamasoft since Gridrunner for the VIC-20 in '82 - the distinctive and unique style of audiovisual presentation and often-idiosyncratic gameplay mechanics have always set LS apart, and continue to appeal 30+ years later. For me, however, the pinnacle of LS releases were the Light Synthesizers - Psychedelia, ColourSpace, Trip-a-Tron, Neon - which were and are utterly unique interactive art-forms. Today, as a professional Software Engineer, I count Llamasoft amongst a select few early career-choice influences, and always enjoy the look on peoples' faces if conversation turns to videogames and I mention that I've had a beer with Jeff Minter (and, latterly, Ivan). To those for whom such things carry weight, these are heavy names indeed.

Trip A tron

Trip A Tron for Atari ST light synthesizer

"When your life is missing some colour and excitment take 2 doses of Llamasoft and try talking about software in the same way ever again."

"This image, for me, is one of the earliest examples of a videogame advert driving a spike into my brain and saying "LOOK AT ME!". Few others of the era still immediately spring to mind - maybe the Pimania ads, or the early Ultimate and Imagine stuff. But the word 'Llamasoft' just always triggers this disembodied-sheeps-head picture for me - even though, as RiK says, LS has always been more about the LightSynths than the games for me."

Sheep in Space

Sheep in Space poster by Steinard Lund

"Llamasoft for me was drooling over the adds, screenshots, reviews and interviews. Being a speccy owner meant going to my mates to play actual the games on his 64. I remember particularly loving Sheep in Space back in the day. Probably because the free flying aspect was a little Defender ish. I was an absolute Defender addict at the time. Me and my mate often bunking off school in the afternoon if he had a decent win on the bandit over lunch. Happy days.."

Sheep in Space

Sheep in space, Commodore 64 screenshot

"Been following Llamasoft since very early VIC20 days, and my reason for doing so is twofold: 1. playability and "just one more go", although I will admit to loving teh VIC20 and C64 games the most; 2. accessibility. Jeff always answered the phone, and cared about his fans."

"Unique! Llamasoft is, and always has been, unique software by unique people and the early promotional stuff was simple, effective and correct."

Viva Vic

Viva Vic, another famous poster by Steinard Lund, graphics on a plastic bag.

"Simple, really. Llamasoft games have always been awesome. What really sets them apart is that always feel good to play - getting you into the zone and keeping you there for "just one more go" It's not just about the games, though. Yak's written some great articles over the years. Many of which had a big impact on me personally. It's through reading those that I got into Floyd and coding (Thanks Dude!)"

".. this .."


How some fan sees us ...

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