Tempest 3000
Builds on everything that made T2k great and injects it with the most trippy visuals ever.



Pocket PC

Deflex Hover Bovver2
deflex Humorous action/puzzle game based on an idea we first implemented on the Commodore PET. featured rampaging herds of Queen Mothers and rampant Tony Blairs. hbovver Comedic sequel to Hover Bovver, much of it originally designed back in the day by me and my dad but never developed as intended for the c64. Throw garden furniture at the neighbour, watch out for the incontinent dog, and slice the heads off moles!




Gridrunner ++
Turbo Nutter mode :D




Gridrunner++ Llamatron
gridrunner Cracking update to the original Gridrunner and one of the most finely balanced games yet llamatron Inspired by Robotron bt with a lot more depth and a character all its own, this game helped to launch the concept of shareware in Europe.
RMC Tempest 2000
rmc t2k PC Port of possibly the most famous Llamasoft game ever.

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