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Read about the making of the iconic Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar, as featured in the April 2005 issue of Edge Magazine.

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Llamasoft Catalogue

History of Llamasoft Games

Llamasoft has released over 30 games since its inception, covering a wide range of home computers and consoles. Many of these titles are now Public Domain, so if you have a favourite game from days gone by and are looking for more information on it or a free download for emulation, then select an era from the list below to begin browsing...

We'll be expanding the coverage of Llamasoft titles featured here over the coming months.

We are sorry to inform you that the current Llamasoft archives are momentary down however there is work going on to restore them possibly within the end of 2009

As soon as we'll have further news from the people working on this project we'll let you know.

8 Bit 16 Bit
c64 Llamasoft's 8 Bit titles epitomise the originality and experimentaion of an era that is still fondly remembered by many. atarist More power, more shooting, more digital ungulates and the introduction of the shareware model...
Console (Jaguar) Console (Xbox 360)
jag Reaching an larger, global audience, Tempest 2k and Defender 2000 defined the Jaguar experience. xbox360 The NEON visualiser and Space Giraffe, the most distinctive game on XBLA.
PC-CleanedTR2 Games for PC

Space Giraffeand Gridrunner Revolution

ios-c Games for iOS

Minotaur Rescue, Minotron, Deflex and Goat Up

Other Retro
nuon Pocket PC games, Mac & PC updates of old favourites and the best version of Tempest yet, T3k. PET-TR2 PET CBM and other exotic retro HW

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