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Space Giraffe is a psychedelic shooter that spans 100 levels all set against vivid backgrounds that synchronize with your custom music selection. Collect power-ups to activate Bonus Rounds and master the strategies necessary to maximize your score on every level!

Open your senses as wide as they will go, immerse yourself into this audiovisual experience – and you will find yourself in the trance-like “Zone” while the Universe is exploding around you and you are dancing in the light!

The original version of Space Giraffe with 100 levels is available worldwide on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points.

The twice the volume enhanced PC version of Space Giraffe is now available. This is much more than the XBLA version! It includes:

  • 100 NUXX remixed levels powered by the new shaders. These new levels are beautiful and abstract without being quite so overwhelming, so they are suitable for both new users(easier to get into) and dedicated SG players(refreshing and chilling)
  • 100 Levels from the XBLA version is also included as “Acid-Mix”, showing the full-on psychedelia
  • The capability to install further level packs
  • Bull gauge which helps players to learn the core gameplay mechanism, the Power Zone and Bulling

Please check out the demo to try the new NUXX levels and visit Steam, Direct2Drive, or Gamersgate to purchase the full version! Also check the support forum if you have any problem running the PC version of the game.

Space Giraffe in Press

I am bubbling with enthusiasm for it, such that I could only give it a 10/10.

Jonathan Blow(developer of Braid)
Space Giraffe is pure addictive fun, constantly demanding one more round as the pulsing light melts your eyes out of their sockets. 5/5

Hardcore Gamer Magazine
If you give Space Giraffe a few hours and some patience, you’ll find an immersive world unlike any other, an unforgettable one. MUST BUY. 92%

PC Gamer
Space Giraffe is simple-looking game with a surprisingly steep learning curve, but the payoff for mastery is one of the most fun and challenging arcade shooters in years. 5/5

If you want to show the world that great, innovative games are what you want, download this today. 90/100

X360 Magazine UK
Space Giraffe kicks down the doors of perception with cloven hooves and a dance-floor beat. A-

The A.V. Club
EDGE gave Space Giraffe Edge Award: Individualism
It is fun and surprising and rich with challenge. It is a good video game. But its real strength as a cultural artefact is in its writing. … Every time it offers any text at all, it offers a surprise or a laugh or a golden phrase.

Toronto Star selected Space Giraffe as Best Screenplay

The giraffe loves you!

Space Giraffe is in part a synaesthese-em-up where the information is spread out across the audiovisual domain. Also in Space Giraffe the familiar “shoot-anything-that-moves” is no longer the best way to treat enemies. It requires players to explore new areas – possibly outside of some peoples’ comfort zones. But this also means you can experience the distinct pleasure of the gameplay that you’ve never had from other games.

You are trying a new thing, so it will take a bit of time. It’s like riding a bicycle. Once it all clicks, you can navigate through this abstract psychedelic space freely, dancing. We’ve prepared some resources so that you can feel the “click” easier and quicker.

First, you can find the in-depth walkthrough which is perfect for new players(including the demo players) and returning players alike. You can learn key gameplay elements quickly by following this walkthrough. You can even grab the Boi Bumba Achievement in 1 minute.

Second, this gameplay elements page explains things like Power Zone, Bulling, Enemy shot juggling, Start Bonus, etc. You can deepen your Space Giraffe understanding here.

Third, in Space Giraffe enemies page, you can hear and see enemy behaviours and audio cues. Do not read if you want to discover stuffs yourself!

Finally, the Space Giraffe soundtrack is available for download! If you want to know more about Llamasoft and the vision behind Space Giraffe, you’ll find this interview by GAMESIDE interesting, too.

Have fun!

Beam me up Scotty!