Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe Soundtrack

You can download the entire Space Giraffe soundtrack here:

Enjoy the songs outside the game, or add them to your Xbox 360 custom soundtrack playlist for endless visualization fun! (Space Giraffe uses the enhanced version of Neon lightsynth to generate each level’s audio reactive environment.)

Main Game Playlist

  • Flossie’s Frolic by Yak(Jeff Minter)
  • Satipn by Redpoint
  • Side of the Angels by Jim McCauley

Bonus Round Tune

  • Gardening By Numbers by Redpoint

Song commentary from the artists

Flossie’s Frolic(Yak):

The tune was done back around 2002, around the time that the soundtrack for T3K was being made. I didn’t consider contributing to T3K myself since I’d never even tried to make a tune before. I got a copy of Fruityloops on my PC and over the course of a few days built this track. It’s pretty much a simple techno piece like you would expect from anyone having their first go on Fruityloops. The baaing in the tune is the actual baaing of my beloved old pet sheep Flossie, a grand old lady who lived to the age of 16, and who featured in many of my games (her baa has been used in many games and her image appeared as a spacesheep in the hidden Flossie Mode of Defender 2000). She is gone now but her memory (and her baaing) will live on forever.


After finishing up a fragile, ambient album Protect & Survive, we wanted to stretch out and do something pummelling and ravey and relentless – a riff on the shuffling, mid-period Prodigy clatter of the T2K soundtrack. Testing the game was a big inspiration, too – we found the hostile mood sat perfectly with music that was full of clashing, swarming, snarling… stuff. (None of yer spacey Prog House or off-the-peg techno). We’d also wanted to use that voice sample (“Bring me EVERYONE!”) of Gary Oldman from Leon for a while but could never make it fit anywhere. Given the game’s crazed, unpredictable, impossible-odds lunacy, it seems custom-made. Oh, and the title is an arcane musical-notation thing.

Side of the Angels(Jim McCauley):

Side Of The Angels came about over an embarrassingly long period of time, for a lot of which it sounded utterly rubbish. I started out with the intention of making something inspired by the Tempest 2000 soundtrack and Rob Hubbard’s C64 tunes, and made it up as I went along. After a lot of mucking about with instrumentation and the inspired notion of plugging in some truly cheesy and much-maligned House piano, I finally ended up with something that sounded not too bad, if a little on the quiet side compared with the other tracks. I’d go back and remaster it for the PC version, but my source files are a complete mess and I’m not sure I could fit it all back together again without wanting to rip it all apart and do a complete remix.

Gardening By Numbers(Redpoint)

One of the first things Redpoint did together was a sprawling, meaty-beaty, Sasha-inspired Prog-beast called Tundra. A clipped version was used in demos for Llamasoft’s Xbox 360 visualiser/light-synth Neon, but the original had a lush, synth-pad interlude type-thing that cued in a second section. We thought that would be ideal as the basis of a swirling ambient soundscape backing up the bonus level’s sense of gentle drift. The otherworldly Numbers Station samples are blended with a little girl Jeff recorded reading out numbers in Welsh – ‘cos that’s well monged, isn’t it?

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