TxK the credits
TxK Credits

Let's now take a moment to thank all the people that made TxK a reality.

The Musicians
Gareth Noyce [Korruptor], Barry Island, Leon L. Robinson [Baggypants], Anosou, Twofish, Danny Patterson [Coupler], JMC, TonalAxis, Mike Finlay [Governmentyard], Dio, Curvespace, Ben Crosland [Spydabee], Peter Duggal [Moonraider], Andy Kyle [Arnies Audious] and Jamie Hamshere [Junosix]
Contributing Dudes of Significance
Rod S for awesome TxK artwork/logo, Shahid Ahmad for making it happen, Spencer Low for production and burger advice, Gary Liddon for hooking us up with Shahid, Alice Barber for Supertapper-related voice samples, You for buying TxK
Fairlight, Farbrausch, Benoit B. Mandelbrot, Alan Mathison Turing, Ginger [sheep], Ginger [curry house], Ewenity, Simba king of Mudchute, Ginger [be quiet], Uncle Clive, My mum, Your mum, Futurlab, Retro Rob, Nyarla, Fish obsessive bloke, Fellow indies, Lijjat Ladies, Quantum Sheep, Eugene Payton Jarvis, GORGAR, The Tube, Basingstoke
Big Nose, Madam, Spotty Ears, Droopy Ears, Jerry, Teddy, Shaun, Butterbean, Herdy, Molly, Flossie, All the sheepies
Design Essentials
Lots of curry, Rafts of pappadoms, Lakes of tea, Plenty of Lavazza, Sheepie cuddles, Welsh rain, Biscuits, Llama jumpers, Professional kettle, Moka, Extra large executive tea mug, Leonine chocolate bars, Minotaurs, Wool
And also special thanks to
Quoc Dat Nguyen for all the amazing support and patience, Rob Hardaker for testing and screen captures, and ALL the people at Sony and on Devnet.

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