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TxK is a classic arcade tunnel shooter with a modern twist. Move your ship along the playing surface's edge, shoot all the enemies, collect all the powerups, and don't get caught.

Beautiful vector graphics and effects, a rocking soundtrack and smooth, entrancing gameplay bring this classic blasting into the 21st century.

The controls

Use the left stick or left and right buttons to move your ship along the edge of the playing surface.

Shoot down at the enemies and collect any POWERUPS that appear. When you get the JUMP ability press R button to jump above the rim of the surface.

Tap screen or press O button for smart bomb.

The playing surface

Your ship moves along the top edge of the playing surface. Try to shoot all the enemies before they reach the top or you risk capture.

Collect POWERUPS to gain the ability to JUMP up above the rim of the surface, avoiding overrun.

Your ship

Move your ship with the LEFT STICK or the directional buttons. Collect POWERUPS to improve the ship's weaponry.

Hold down X button to fire continuously.

You can hold down L button and use the LEFT STICK or directional buttons to lean into and adjacent lane.

While thus locked, you cannot jump or move.

The Supertapper

The SUPERTAPPER is your smart bomb. You get only ONE per level.

Launch it by tapping the screen or pressing the O button. It will proceed down the surface, destroying most enemies on the way.

Enemies destroyed with the SUPERTAPPER score double points, so be sure to use it up on every level!

The AI Droid

The AI droid is a sort of intelligent plasma sphere that helps you to shoot enemies.

Collect POWERUPS to receive the Droid.

Learn to share the load with your Droid on busy levels.

Sometimes you may even find the Droid rescuing YOU!

The enemies

There are many enemy types, each with their own distinctive behaviour. Learn how each one behaves to better plan your defence strategy.

Most enemies are vulnerable in some way. Learn their weaknesses the better to deploy your own strenght most effectively.

The powerups

Keep collecting the POWERUPS to receive weapons upgrades, the JUMP ability, and the AI Droid.

Some will bring extra bonus points and extra lives. All of them are useful!

Avoid missing powerups for maximum bonus.

The bonus round

Some POWERUPS deliver WARP TRIANGLES. When you have 4 of them you can go to the BONUS ROUND.

You cannot lose a life in the Bonus Round, so don't worry. Learn how to reach the end for maximum bonus.

Restart best

Each time you begin a level, a record is made of your BEST EVER lives and score at the start of that level.

You can subsequently begin at any level with the BEST EVER number of lives you had at that point.

Upon completing the level you will then receive as bonus the score you had when you set that BEST EVER lives record.

Classic, Pure and Survival

There are 3 different score tables, one for each game mode.

Any time you start a normal game from level ONE you are playing a PURE game.

When you use RESTART BEST to start from a higher level you are playing a Classic game.

In Survival mode you start from level one and play as long as you can. There are no extra lives or Bonus Rounds in Survival Mode!

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