Planet united in praise for TxK

And that’s only a slight exaggeration. TxK is without a doubt the best reviewed game Llamasoft has ever made. Check out the responses so far. They are still coming in :) .

So far we have a Metacritic score of 86. Our LOWEST review score was 3.5/5, and the lower scores we’ve had have mainly been from Space Giraffe fans who don’t think TxK was as boldly adventurous in design as SG. And maybe that is true, but this time I wanted to make a game that was not only good but also broadly accessible, and in that I think we have succeeded very well, as evidenced by the number of 8, 9 and above scores :) .

And we even have THIS!

ZZAP Gold Medal baby! :D

Looking very good so far!

US Gamer: Masterclass Blast from the Past

Eurogamer: TxK is Minter at his finest

The Vita Lounge: TxK is exemplary in near every way.

Edge Online: TxK isn’t just one of the best games on Vita: it might just be the best Minter’s ever made.

Hardcore Gamer: The Vita’s OLED screen has likely not seen a game as simple and beautiful as this yet.

PS Nation: The game is pure awesome from beginning to end.

Gamespot: TxK is a masterful example of doing it right.

Joystiq: TxK is challenging and thrilling throughout.

Metro: one of the best arcade games ever made. non solo il miglior titolo in circolazione per PlayStation Vita, ma anche una killer application per lo stesso handheld di Sony.

Games! Ein Pflichtkauf für jeden Vita-Fan!

Kaiju: Exceptional. A significant cut above the crowd.

Straits Times: Llamasoft’s TxK is the work of a virtuoso studio at the top of its game

gaminglives: For people who want a quick hit of gaming adrenaline, there’s probably not a better option out there on any console.

gamesblip: TxK is an ace assault on the senses.

GertLushGaming: This game will consume you

Pocketgamer: Like the best psychedelic albums, or the rarest scotch whiskies, TxK is a luxury item.

Gamestyle: Just buy it now and thank us later.

Brave New Gaming: auf der Vita ist TxK ein Fest für die Sinne

New Gamer Nation: With TxK, arcade shooters are brought back into a modern world, and they translate exceptionally well.

PSmag: un brillant hommage aux jeux d’antan, amenant le meilleur de l”époque et utilisant les capacités de la Vita, son ergonomie et son écran au top.

Candy Crush Copeland: Sometimes words get in the way of greatness.

God Is A Geek: The entire package is put together with humour, warmth and class

VideoGamer Portugal: Décadas de experiência pesam nos ombros de TxK e transformam-no num shooter de excelência.

iLLgaming: TxK is something every Vita owner must own. A masterclass for gaming in general. 100 niveles honestos, sin trampa ni cartón, todos brillantes y perfectamente ejecutados.

Codec Moments: TxK is a beautiful and simple arcade shooter that does what it does very well Det eneste, der afholder TxK i at opnå seks stjerner er, at Space Giraffe allerede findes

Defunct Games: It’s not hyperbole when I say that this is the most exciting portable game I have ever played.

Desconsolados: TxK es de los mejores juegos indies en llegar a PS Vita

Zeboyd Games: Short review: Get this game. Long review: Get this game NOW.

Shock2: Die 100 rasanten TxK-Level lassen mein Herz als alter Minter-Fan höher schlagen

Hobby Consolas: Un clásico “moderno” que cualquier fan de los shmup debería probar.

They Were Our Gods: TxK is a straight shot of perfect arcade gaming.

PW Gaming: Blends a number of elements together into one fantastic shoot’em up game. Go play it.

les inRocks: TxK est aussi un jeu d’arcade imparable

The Gamer With Kids: This is the Tempest 2000 Successor You’ve Been Waiting For

3D Juegos: Excelente

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