Contact Ivan Zorzin, aka Giles the billy goat

Ivan Zorzin, the billy goat.

Bleating and ( quite not so ) occasionally swearing at code in the secret room behind the barn there is Giles. He spends quite some time talking nicely to bugs telling them to go away and into KWW ( Keep Windows Working ). He also keeps care that Yak remembers an has something to eat and that the barn remains still something accessible to humans.

He also builds various HW and messes with strange things in his lab. Recently his last late night fascination is to watch movies about falling inside the singularity of black holes.

How to get in touch

In case you really are not scared to talk to a billy goat you can reach him by dropping an email to

Just remember, do not talk with him about the weather, the coffee or pizza unless you want to be involved in lenghty conversations including various colourful italian expressions.


Beam me up Scotty!