Llamasoft and Turoborecordings

Sharing the love for music and visualization

Being quite impressed by Llamasoft's distinctive graphic style and our common passion for electronic music, Thomas Sontag from Turborecordings approached us at first to create a music video for the musician Tiga and his song Mind Dimension.

After this succesful and enjoyable collaboration Turborecordings wished to provide us with a set of songs for Gridrunner Revolution created by a set of skilled artists from the Turbo label.

The Soundtracks

As a result Gridrunner Revolution has an excellent and diverse set of audio tracks to accompany the gameplay action. We have created a special Jukebox Mode within which to allow players to browse and enjoy the music in a context in which they are not under constant attack by hostile aliens. Details of each tune are given in Jukebox Mode, along with the ability to browse the game's Neon backdrops and enjoy a bit of a chillout.

We wish to express our gratitude to Thomas and Turbo Recordings for providing us with such excellent tunes, and we hope that if you enjoy the in-game tunes that you will head on over to their website to check out their artists and offerings.


The soundtrack is now available for sale :

Buy Gridrunner Revolution Soundtrack at TurboRecordings


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