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Caverns of Minos
  • Metro said : "Jeff Minter returns with one of his most surreal retro tributes so far, but if you can keep your sanity it’s also one of his best." 7/10
  • ArcadeLife who rated the game 94/100 said : "An immensely fun, playable and great looking work of genius.".
  • G4 says : Caverns of Minos a must-have if you love retro shooters..

Caverns of Minos is a shooting/rescue game inspired by 8-bit cavern shooters, Lunar Lander games, and rescue type games. Fly one of four ships into the depths of 21 challenging caverns. Rescue as many minotaurs as you can and bring each cavern's treasure back to the Mothersheep. Choose from 4 difficulty settings - Novice, Pilot, Warrior and Commander - each with its own unique ship.

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Category : Exploration, puzzle, shooter

An exploration and shooting game with some puzzle elements.

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Some customers reviews

Great little game

by Antireality

In addition to what everyone else has said I'd point out that the 'novice' and 'commander' difficulties are better thought of as different game styles in there own right. Want a fast, bull-in-a-china-shop blast through the levels? Try novice, and then when you feel like a calmer, more zen-like precision game just zone out on commander. This is one of very few games that appeals to me regardless of what mood I'm currently in.

Another excellent Llamasoft game

by Slider271

Another brilliant design from Jeff Minter, with lovely retro graphics. It plays brilliantly on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch too, with simple controls that allow for precise movement and firing. Well worth a purchase

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