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Super Ox Wars - ( Latest Release )

The peaceful planet Parint has been invaded by the evil Marcabian Empire! Take off and strike back against the invaders - with the power of an ox! Two oxen, in fact - draw power from Caprichoso (the Capricious Ox) and Garantido (the Dependable Ox) and power up your ship to blast the swarming foe. Blast your way through ten unique levels filled with challenging enemies. Adapt your ship by choosing red or blue powerups that change your shooting and defensive style.

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Category : Shoot 'em up

Highly reccomended to everyone fond of old skool shooters! Blast, zap and collect bonuses !

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Some customers reviews

Llamasoft does Starforce

by Wreckjunkie

Brilliant. Smooth, outrageously noisy and psychedelic. Loosely based on the 80s arcade scroller Starforce. For the price if you like retro you can't lose...


by MisterJamOnIt

This is the first app I've bought for the iphone5. Fantastic gameplay, old-skool feel is only added too by the classic "williams" chipset sound effects and it's so frantic and addictive. I can see myself spending hours trying to beat high scores

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