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Gridrunner ( iOS, OSX, Android )
  • Eurogamer who called it the best shooter on iOS.
  • ArcadeLife who rated the game 94/100 and said it was pure arcade classic reinvention on a touch-screen device.
  • Touch Arcade who called it a retro remake done right.

Gridrunner was a much-loved and popular game on the Commodore Vic-20 and Commodore 64 back in 1982. Here the game is reimagined by its original author in the style of an early 1980s coin-op arcade machine.

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Category : Shoot 'em up

A very belowed classic in a new modern shape.

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Some customers reviews

Minter has raised the Baaah! :D

by quantumsheep

An ASTOUNDING game - it just feels right, and the sounds. My GOD, the SOUNDS! It's like having every arcade machine in the world tucked into your iOS device!

Best arcade game for your telephone

by Buddyfunster

Simple and addictive gameplay, psychedelic graphics and sound. This is a great bit of work:D

All of the fun without having to adjust the wonk angle on your CBM 1530

by Uncle_LSD

It's Gridrunner. What more do need to know? :D For those of a certain age, this was one of the most addictive and fun shooters of the 8 bit era, and it's lost none of its charm on iOS. Turn sideways for authentic retro goodness, or just enjoy as it is. For the price of a mars bar, or maybe a kitkat chunky, you can't go wrong

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