Goat Up 2 details
Goat Up 2
  • Indie Statik said : "For the caprine game designer within you. The one who likes eating flowers and farting on Manic Miner enemies. You know it makes sense." 
  • Edge online who rated the game 8/10 said : "Brought to life with Llamasoft's trademark luminous lines and slapstick sound effects, this is a more open, autonomous and traditional platformer than Goat Up".

Goat Up 2 is a plattform game with a twist, a combination of dexterity, puzzles and resources management all in once. Create your own levels using the levels editor and share them with your friends !

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Category : Plattform, exploration, puzzle, creation

A fantastic plattform with your own levels editor!

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Editor manual and videos
Check the following links for the Editor manual pages and watch the tutorial videos.
Manual page 1  Manual page 2  Manual page 3  Manual page 4 
Have a look at some tutorial videos too

Editor Usage part one

Starting with basics

Editor Usage part two

More functions explained


Some customers reviews

Fantasticly Loopy Retro Platformer!

by Drelbs2345

This is a greatevolution of the original Goatup jumper into a platformer game. As usual for Llamasoft, everything is amazing, from the retro sounds and visuals to the tight controls and gameplay


by CJ Herr

As with all Llamasoft games, this is a solid, fun, beautiful piece of work.

Simply Superb

by Whiteball

The guys at Llamasoft really know how to make a fun game that is like no other. The addition of a level editor is icing on the cake and the controls for the game and editor make both accessible and easy. No frustration here, just plenty of good old fashioned fun.

Beam me up Scotty!