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Minotron 2112

In 1991 Llamasoft released LLAMATRON: 2112, one of the most popular games ever on the Atari ST and Amiga, considered by many to be an all-time classic. Today, 20 years later, the Minotaur Project brings you a modern update to that legendary game, featuring a legendary beast - the Minotaur. Faster, smoother, and in every way better than the original, MINOTRON: 2112 brings you 100 levels of intense, fun and humorous arena shooting action, laced with shattering explosions and spectacular effects.

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Category : arena shooter

Four game modes offer fun and challenge to players of every level, from novice to hardcore, on iPad or iPhone.

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Some customers reviews

Bizarre fun!

by Jason Simpson

Another amazing game!! I love the style and controls. I like the sounds, but I kind of would prefer old school sounds to accompany the super cool game :)

Love letter to the 80s

by JindoFox

Minotron (2011), a remake of Llamatron (1991), itself a more newbie- and home user-friendly take on Robotron (1982), is brilliant. Unlike the original coin-op quarter-stealer, Minotron is designed to allow you to pass many levels, and you can also continue at your highest completed level so you're always making forward progress. Assisted and simplified modes offload the shooting tasks if you'd like a more relaxed game, but the normal and difficult twin-stick modes are the real experience ..

Shine On You Crazy Minotaur!

by Drelbs2345

Game is full-on FAB, a bloody fantastic remake of the original. Robotron / DSS fan? Buy it.

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