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DEFLEX is a relaxing puzzle/action game from the creator of MINOTAUR RESCUE and MINOTRON. Deflect the lightball around obstacles and into targets using simple, two-button controls. Chill out to the groovy colours and gentle musical accompaniment as you enjoy relaxing and satisfying puzzle-action gameplay.

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Category : relaxing psychedelic puzzle/action game

Complete all the puzzles, some are trickier than what they look.

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Some customers reviews

Trippy, Confusing, Interesting :)

by Jason Simpson

This is unlike anything else I've ever played, including the other Llamasoft games. I can't wait to figure this one out!


by G u i s e

My first Llamasoft game was GridRunner for the VIC and down the years I've played many of their games. I've not loved all of them (Mama Llama I'm looking at you) but there have been some out and out gems like Ancipital and Batalyx.

Yay! Derpy!

by lYlechGear

Bought it for the Derpy, haven't played it yet. EDIT: Now that I've played it, it's amazing; amazing in all of Llamasoft's weird, LSD-laced goodness with the addition of the fabulous MLP show. Gameplay is simple but quickly gets brutally difficult and addicting.

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